Press Image RUN/Hme.WEBBR

Press Image RUN/Hme.WEBBR


From our safe zone, the pile of bricks and mortar we call home, we can explore the outside world from the relative comfort of our mass produced, composite board furniture. The smooth extrusions and aluminium contours of the laptop give way to a sea of ads and cat videos stretching as far as the eye can see, deep into the vista. Access is granted. Leaving the shell like body we make the jump into the avatar. Initiating the neural handshake, by proxy, we melt into the block work pixels and interface, our hand extends through the screen and the poking resumes. Sat in our human skin we grow weak and anxious, the vitamin D finds it hard to break through the glass pane and touch the flesh. We waste. We waste other players, we waste Tommy Vercetti, we waste time, we waste away. The potted Ficus looks on with disdain.

A flat show featuring works by Joe Etchell, Joey Holder and Dane Sutherland, Stephen Kavanagh, Jennifer Mehigan and Laura Yuile

Presented through the prism of a moderate level of domestic bliss at the Smith's Place Residence and will be operational for ONE DAY ONLY on the 08/06/19.

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