In the months leading up to the millennium, a deep rooted fear was spreading across the globe, the fear of Y2K. The media speculated that there would be a blackout that would wipe all crucial computing systems, destroying the financial sector, plummeting the world into the dark ages.

As a fresh faced 10 year old on the eve of this apocalypse, I was laying a luke warm bath, naked as the day I was born and feeling extremely vulnerable. After watching the news coverage unfold over the weeks prior an undying urge came over me, I needed to make something that would protect me from the impending doom.

Laying there staring at the bathroom bin a desperate idea was to come that would stay with me for the rest of time. I would make a magical face shield out of bog roll tubes.

This mask through all its imbued 'thought' magic would protect me from the unknown. Getting out of the bath as soon as my legs would carry me I grabbed the toilet rolls, scissors and sellotape and frantically got to work producing the ward.

Once finished I ran downstairs waring the mask to a shocked looking family huddled around the TV. Bursting in I danced and dirvished around the room, chanting and singing, casting my protection spell. Y2K would never come.